Second Trailer For ‘The Bling Ring’ Makes Breaking And Entering Look Cool


Everyone wants to be famous, right?

When the first trailer for The Bling Ring was unveiled ahead of Spring Breakers it was hard to find much, if any reason to care. Another indie film about good girls gone bad, only this time told by Sophia Coppola? Pass. Then earlier today a new trailer for the film found its way online and suddenly the UTG crew began singing a different song entirely.

Based on actual events, which is a phrase as disposable as “ripped from the headlines,” The Bling Ring follows a group of Los Angeles based teenagers who begin robbing celebrity homes in hopes of living more luxurious lives. It works, for awhile, but their crimes eventually begin to catch up with them and the group is soon thrown into all kinds of emotional (and literal) turmoil. The trailer plays up the fun of crimes in a way similar to Spring Breakers with gorgeous and recognizable twenty-something female starlets (including Emma Watson) celebrating their life on the wild side amidst rising tension and attention from law enforcement. You can view the trailer below.

Whether or not The Bling Ring will be 1/10 as exciting as its trailer is anyone’s guess at this point. After the initial marketing push for Spring Breakers I thought we were about to see one of the most exciting indie efforts in original memory and instead found an abstract poem about the loss of innocence in an age obsessed with violence and sexuality. Anything goes when it comes to indie films, and having seen Coppola’s previous films I see little reason to believe this will be the briskly-paced story that is teased in the following clip. That said, it still looks interesting and we’ll definitely be covering the film further in coming months. Comment below and let us know what you think of The Bling Ring.

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