Feed Her To The Sharks Unveil Cinematic “Buried Alive” Lyric Video

feed her to the sharks

Ausicore (Ausi-core,n.): metalcore performed by a band hailing from the country of Australia

Parkway Drive have held the title as the most beloved heavy music export from Australia for a number of years, but in 2013 there are a number of heavy acts vying for the title. Melbourne’s Feed Her To The Sharks are one such band hoping to win over the hearts of headbangers the world over, and last night they released a new cinematic lyric video for their single “Buried Alive.” You can view the visual at the end of this post.

Since Parkway came first, it’s nearly impossible to listen to Feed Her To The Sharks without making comparisons. Both bands love the use of triplets and both have eerily similar song structures at times, but there is something decidedly heavier about the approach taken by Feed Her To The Sharks. They are ever-so-slightly less technical than Parkway, but they make up for it with bass drops and breakdowns aplenty.

Feed Her To The Sharks garnered a bit of acclaim when their debut dropped just over a year ago, but it seems they’re destined for bigger things when Savage Seas gets released May 13/14 of this year. Stay tuned for a review of the album in the coming weeks.

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