Forever The Sickest Kids Stream “Chin Up Kid”


Pop rock was the big thing around 2010, but in recent years that care-free sound has evolved and headed in the direction of either adding EDM elements or turning towards a more throwback pop sound. Forever The Sickest Kids have opted to more or less stay the course they started with, and we could discuss for hours whether or not that has been the best decision for their career. The group have a new label and album this year, however, this morning a new song has arrived in hopes of proving the band’s sound still has a place in this (flooded) scene.

Taken from J.A.C.K, “Chin Up Kid” opens with an orchestral sampling that builds into choir-like gang vocals that have a lot of effects on them. This leads you to believe something epic and unlike anything FTSK have released awaits, but just as you’re ready for that wave of awesome, the music completely stops, albeit momentarily, and quickly returns with the full band demonstrating what can best be described as FTSK 101. Simple chord structure, predictable percussion, and lighthearted lyrics with a positive outlook that entertains while simultaneously offerings bits of life advice. If you’re a fan of the band I’m sure it’ll entertain, but for someone who feels they’ve “outgrown” the group’s target demographic, “Chin Up Kid” doesn’t leave me with any desire to hear the rest of J.A.C.K. Stream the song below and let us know if you feel the same.

J.A.C.K. hits stores June 25 via Fearless Records.

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