STREAM: The Wonder Years – “The Devil In My Bloodstream”


We thought The Wonder Years were done teasing material from their forthcoming album. Thankfully, we were wrong.

While appearing on Man Overboard’s radio show last night, TWY frontman Dan “Soupy” Campbell premiered a new song entitled “The Devil In My Bloodstream.” The track, which is the fourth to surface off The Greatest Generation is the first piano-lead track in the group’s history. In fact, the first two minutes are essentially just Campbell and the piano, but as the song hits its stride the full band comes in for an near-overwhelming musical punch that emphasizes every lyric uttered moments before. It’s easily the strongest, most powerful song to be released from the album so far, and it may be early to claim such things, but something tells me this track is destined to be a cherished fan favorite. Heck, looking at Tumblr right now it’s clear the lyrics hit home in a special way with fans, and only more will come forward in the months ahead. Click below to enjoy “The Devil In My Bloodstream.”

The Greatest Generation arrives in stores next Tuesday, May 14, through Hopeless Records. Until then, comment below and let us know your thoughts on this song.

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  • Through two hearts was also a piano lead track

  • Listen to it again.

  • I think that is debatable.
    Pretty sure there is a guitar at the beginning as well, but maybe I am splitting hairs. Either way, thanks for commenting. I had forgotten about that track.

  • Haha no problem, and youre right there is a guitar at the beginning, i just think the piano is the lead im not entirely sure though.

  • The acoustic version of Logan Circle is a piano led song

  • You forgot to mention that the lovely Laura Stevenson also sings during the first 2 minutes of the song.

  • Euan Mackenzie

    This is so good, very brand new-esque