Hatebreed Prove “Honor Never Dies” With Brutal New Video


Hatebreed promoted their new album The Divinity Of Purpose as being a return to their ‘all pit, no shit’ sound. This lead us to a feverish excitement for the album’s release, and in the review that followed critic Jordan Munson confirmed this promise, commenting “The fact of the matter is that The Divinity of Purpose is a very solid record, and true to form for Hatebreed.” The band has now released a video for the album’s latest single, and once again they prove they’re the best at modern hardcore.

“Honor Never Dies” is the kind of song that goes straight for the jugular when it comes to its official video. Viewers follow a skateboarding tough guy who proceeds to beat the living hell out of a pair of rapists he comes across. Spliced between these graphic moments are energetic performance shots, and anyone familiar with Hatebreed’s video history knows those moments are always the most captivating moments of their clips. You can view the video for “Honor Never Dies” at the end of this post.

Nearly six months after arriving in stores, The Divinity Of Purpose continues to shine as one of the strongest offerings of 2013. If you love “Honor Never Dies” we highly encourage you to give the full album a chance.

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