Mac Miller Releases Mitch Hedberg Tribute Track “MHB”

Mac Miller 2013

Pennsylvania native Mac Miller has released a new song through his alter ego Larry Fisherman paying homage to beloved stand up comic Mitch Hedberg.

Debuting on SoundCloud shortly after 11AM (EST) today, May 23, “MHB” is another odd offering from Miller’s softer side. Miller plays the piano, backed with nothing else and never uttering a single line, while audio clips from the life of Mitch Hedberg play on top of everything. It’s surreal at first, but as your brain begins to understand what it’s hearing you start to appreciate what is taking place. This is not as much a song as it is a tribute to someone who inspired Miller that is no longer walking this Earth, and it’s a fitting one at that. You can stream “MHB” at the end of this post.

No one knows if or when Larry Fisherman will release another mixtape, but with tracks like “MHB” you can rest assured we’ll keep following Miller’s antics until we have an answer. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on “MHB.”

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