Try And Resist Falling In Love With Kelly Clarkson’s “People Like Us” Video


Kelly Clarkson is certainly no stranger to the world of pop anthems intended to empower the downtrodden, but her latest single and video may be her best to date.

We first praised “People Like Us” when the audio found its way online earlier this year, and now we are standing on our spinning office chairs screaming its praises to the pop deities. Kelly Clarkson has somehow carved a niche that lies unchallenged in the world of songs about standing up for yourself, and “People Like Us” is yet another example of why she has gone from American Idol to international music icon with just over a decade of work behind her. The beat is larger-than-life, as is the hook, but it’s the strength of Clarkson’s signature vocals that seals the whole affair as one-of-a-kind song that could only be as powerful as it is because of Kelly. She owns this track, and after listening to it she may own a piece of your heart as well.

Visually speaking, “People Like Us” falls somewhere between the worlds of fairytales and science fiction. Clarkson is working, possibly undercover, at a science lab when she discovers a young girl is unlike anyone else in the world around her. Fascinated by her uniqueness, Clarkson plots to free the young girl from the laboratory, and the final results play like a quasi-ode to Pleasantville, only with more car chases. You can view the video at the end of this post.

It is unclear at this time just what the future holds for Kelly Clarkson and her fans around the world, but with singles like this it seems we’ll have plenty to celebrate for years to come. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the new video.

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