Eric Roberts, Bree Olson, & More Join ‘The Human Centipede 3’


Forgetting for a moment the grotesque visuals and in-your-face approach to constructing a human anomaly, part of what made the rise of The Human Centipede such a marvel in the first place was the fact it was created without the involvement of any notable names. Both the first and second entries in the series thrived on not only their original idea, but the fact the people we interacted with were as unrecognizable as the person next door. This wasn’t a Hollywood psycho, it was a local one, and it seems that aesthetic may be lost in The Human Centipede.

Entertainment Weekly has exclusively learned that Eric Roberts, former OSCAR NOMIMEE, has joined the cast of Tom Six’s latest horror outing. Many of you may know him from his role in The Dark Knight, but he has had a commanding presence in film since before everyone on the UTG staff was born. No word yet on what he will be doing in the film, but something tells us he’ll probably be part of the latest “pede.”

Roberts isn’t the only notable face lining up to have their mouth attached to a stranger’s anus — EQ also reports Tommy “Tiny” Lister (Friday), Robert LaSardo (Death Race), and former porn actress (and former Charlie Sheen paramour) Bree Olson will appear as well.

According to a number of sources, The Human Centipede 3 will take place, at least partially, in prison. Additionally, the film is rumored to feature the creation of a 500-person centipede. Production is currently underway in Los Angeles, with a release planned for sometime in 2014. Stay tuned for additional updates as production continues.

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