A$AP Rocky Concert Ends Quickly After Someone Steals His Hat

A$AP Rocky

According to HipHop DX and a fan with video proof, A$AP Rocky ended his show yesterday in Germany rather quickly after someone stole his Supreme hat. The A$AP Mob and Rocky were performing the A$AP Ferg track, “Work (Remix),” when apparently someone snatched the hat off his head while engaging with fans.

At around 0:51, A$AP Rocky cut the music and went on to say, “I came to party with y’all. Who took my shit, man? Give me my hat so I can go. That’s a one-of-a-kind hat. Don’t try and creep to the back. Who got my shit, man? We ain’t gonna fuck you up, just give my shit back.” After around 2 minutes and no return from the alleged hat thief, Rocky addressed the crowd, “Germany, it’s been good. Thank you; I’m out this bitch. Peace!”

I’m not sure if this goes down as one of the most classic ways to end a concert, or one of the most childish ones. However, A$AP Mob did mention they wouldn’t “fuck you up” if you did return A$AP Rocky’s stolen hat, so I guess that was some upside to the on-stage antics. If the thief knew Rocky was going to be overly sensitive and end the show early because of some lifted merchandise, than maybe things would have panned out differently. When you sign a 3 million dollar record deal with Sony, RCA Records, and Polo Grounds Music, isn’t something like this replaceable? Who knows, the hat could have had sentimental value, but either way A$AP Rocky stood his ground.

You can check out the video from the event in Germany below.

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