STREAM: Lorde – “Tennis Court” and B-Side, “Swingin’ Party”


Giving UTG favorite Lana Del Rey a run for her money, our “favourite little head game” from New Zealand, Lorde, has recently uploaded two new tracks to her Soundcloud, showing two very different (but both amazing) sides of the 16-year-old.

The former being “Tennis Court” is an honest portrayal of Lorde’s views with a solid electronic beat and a comfortable swagger in her delivery. “Tennis Court” is a catchy anthem with an infectious hook following up the success of her previous singles, “Royals” and “The Love Club.” The second track, a b-side, is a more intimate and dramatic affair with lyrics like, “If being afraid is a crime, we hang side by side.” Accentuated by a mellow flow and dreamy, ethereal background akin to a Beach House lull, “Swingin’ Party” is a beautiful track that would be more of a soundtrack for the come down off the party itself.

You can enjoy both tracks after the jump and make sure to keep an eye on this youngster because her talent is already blowing minds; she’ll be doing very big things this year. Her second EP, The Tennis Courts, drop July 22 via Virgin.

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  • Chuck Darney

    The first time I heard Lorde belting out lyrics on the radio, I was an instant fan. When I was told that I was listening to a 16 year old girl from New Zealand and shown a picture, I was blown away.
    She definitely has talent that transcends her age and I hope to be a fan well into the future.

  • Brian Lion

    Very much agreed. I never would have guessed she was 16 had I not read that fact. She’s definitely going places.