DJ Khaled Releases “No New Friends” Featuring Drake, Rick Ross, & Lil Wayne


After a little over a month allowing the audio to permeate throughout pop culture, DJ khaled has released the official music video for his star-studded single “No New Friends.”

Blending the beauty of HD technology with something akin to the found footage aesthetic so prevalent in horror today, “No New Friends” finds a way to make a familiar concept feel new once more. Khaled, Drake, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne showcase their performance skills amongst a plethora of settings, including standing in front of a low flying helicopter, and (of course) they’re surrounded by beautiful ladies throughout. The memorable bit of it all involves the camera work, which cuts from 90s VHS tapes to modern technology, and the splicing between the two is executed with precision. You can view the video below.

“No New Friends” is currently making its way around digital retailers and will soon be appearing on an urban radio station near you. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the video.

James Shotwell

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