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Under The Gun sent Head of Photography, Kellie Gannon, to Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, OH for Dave Matthews Band on June 1, 2013.

Huge outdoor venues are quite the way to kick off what will prove to be an amazing summer of music. Dave Matthews Band recently brought their legendary talent to the stage at Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls for a night of entertainment and all things DMB. If you have yet to make it to a Dave Matthews show, you’re in for an overall experience because it isn’t just about the music; it’s about the people watching, dancing, praying it doesn’t rain (I swear it rains every time DMB comes through Ohio), and much, much more. It’s about the visceral connection between the fans and the music and it’s about Dave’s voice carrying from the amphitheater stage to each end of the grassy hill at Blossom. 

Shooting Dave Matthews Band was a different experience than when I usually shoot bands because as a photographer you aren’t just in your own little world snapping photos, you’re surrounded by Dave’s world. My first live DMB experience was for my seventeenth birthday a few moons ago.  For a kid that grew up listening to DMB from the age of twelve upon the discovery of Under The Table And Dreaming, to then attending a Dave show just a year shy of my eighteenth birthday, I knew exactly what to expect. DMB shows are about the heart and soul, camaraderie of fans, the booze, the bud, patchouli, hippies, hipsters, singing at the top of your lungs, dancing like a maniac, and everything in between. Above all, it’s about a stage full of musicians that will rock your face off in the most soulful way possible.

DMB opened with cult classic, “Dancing Nancies” and played quite a few newer hits from the past few albums, including the most recent release in 2012, Away From The World. They incorporated many other past hits, culminating in an incredible twenty-three song set.  At the end of their set, they teased the crowd with the intro to “Too Much” then jumped into “Ants Marching” ending the show on a high note, no pun intended.  See all the glorious photos from Dave Matthews Band at Blossom below!


For the full set of Dave Matthews Band at Blossom, check them out here!

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