Watch The Trailer For Jack’s Mannequin ‘Live From The El Rey’


Jack’s Mannequin released the trailer for their Live From The El Rey CD/DVD.

After Something Corporate took their break, broke up, whatever you’d like to call it, Andrew McMahon went on to Jack’s Mannequin in 2004, and for almost a decade kept many SoCo fans happy while gaining a new sea of appreciators.

Then last year Jack’s decided it was the end, but in good fashion did two more shows in Los Angeles as a last good goodbye. For those who didn’t make it out or couldn’t afford to, you’re in luck because the whole thing was recorded and will be released as a special CD/DVD on June 25.

Andrew remembers Jack’s music a trio of albums that “sum up a decade of my life that was so nuts,” and reminds people “with every end comes a new beginning.”

You can watch the trailer below.

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