Pearl Jam Debut “Mind Your Manners”


Pearl Jam have released the lead single (and opener) off their forthcoming album, Lightning Bolt.

Prepare to have your ass kicked. Taking a clean vocals route over sizzling guitar (that includes a fantastic solo), “Mind Your Manners” is a track bursting with energy and excitement. There are elements of punk buried at the core, but the message and delivery is undeniably from the mind of Eddie Vedder. You can stream “Mind Your Manners” at the end of this post.

If the opening riff off this song doesn’t make an appearance in an upcoming action film trailer (or ad for the army), I will legit be shocked. I have never considered myself a dedicated Pearl Jam fan, but “Mind Your Manners” certainly has me interested in what Lightning Bolt has to offer. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the new single.

Lightning Bolt hits stores October 15.

James Shotwell

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  • utgjames

    Love it. A Lot.

  • Drew in VA

    Spin The Black Circa 2013

  • eat me

    Gawd, im friggin old

  • RJB

    Sounds like they have grown young again. About time. Im an old fart but love the new metal’ish bands. About time Eddie and Company have ratcheted things up.