HOLY SH!T: The New Trailer For ‘Gravity’ Will Take Your Breath Away


Nestled amongst the hit TV shows and gigantic comic franchises hosting panels at Comic-Con International last weekend, Alfonso Cuarón presented footage from his forthcoming film, Gravity, that press and fans alike reportedly went crazy over. Given that it was Comic-Con, we thought it would be weeks before that footage found its way to the public, but thankfully we were wrong.

Hitting the net early this morning under the guise of being a new international trailer, footage from Gravity making the rounds on the net this morning under the title “Detached” can be found at the end of this article. The clip features one of the most effects heavy sequences in film, and from what we gather it’s taken from a relatively early point in the story. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are attempting to fix a satellite in space when debris from another vessel comes barreling around the Earth and collides with their ship. The moments that follow are both gorgeously designed and unbelievably tense, but anyone hoping to enter the film without knowing a thing about the plot would be wise to avoid the last 10 seconds. You can view the clip below.

Alfonso Cuarón’s Children Of Men is one of the most beautifully shot movies in film history, and I have no doubt based on this footage alone that Gravity will see those skills being further refined. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the latest footage.

Gravity opens nationwide October 4.

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    Cuarón is coming out swinging for those cinematography nominations, eh?