‘Rocky’ Spin-Off ‘Creed’ In the Works, Sylvester Stallone to Return


You read that headline right: a spin-off of the famous Rocky series called Creed is currently being locked up and readied for production by MGM. The story of Creed will follow Apollo Creed’s grandson’s journey to be a heavyweight fighter.

Apollo Creed’s grandson is reported to be played by Michael B. Jordan, star of the recent indie hit Fruitvale Station, and the surprise blockbuster Chronicle. But who is returning to the series? Well, Sylvester Stallone, that’s who. Creed’s grandson will be training with Rocky Balboa to become a heavyweight fighter as great, if not better, than his grandfather. Fruitvale Station’s Ryan Coogler is set to direct.

Is this a good idea? I don’t see why not. The most recent addition to the series, Rocky Balboa, wasn’t terrible by any means, so who are we to think that this will be awful? Michael B. Jordan is turning out to be one of the most promising up and coming actors, and it would be really interesting to see a Rocky film from a different perspective. That being said, this could be a total catastrophe, because sometimes the whole “father figure teaching new blood” storyline just doesn’t work out, similar to that of A Good Day to Die Hard and Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. Those were great movies, right?

All that being said, I’m still interested. For now.

Tyler Osborne

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