STOP EVERYTHING: You Need To Hear Big Sean’s “Fire”


Michigan native Big Sean decided to bless an otherwise dull Monday evening with the release of a new track off his forthcoming album, Hall Of Fame. If you’re only going to listen to one new song today, hell, even this week – you may want to make it the one at the end of this post.

Bringing to mind the kind of undeniable (not to mention unstoppable) talent that seemed to burst through the speakers when Kanye West was still dealing with his Late Registration, “Fire” introduces a more mature Big Sean without abandoning the songwriting elements that made him a household name in the first place. The beat features larger-than-life production complete with choir and thumping bass, which Sean rides with his usual concoction of well-meaning ego and playful insight on the complex relationships we all experience in life, but there is something…more…to his delivery that engages the listener in ways Sean has rarely achieved up to this point. You can stream “Fire” below.

If Finally Famous was Big Sean’s attempt to prove he was worthy of playing in the big leagues, “Fire” is proof Hall Of Fame may very well set him further apart from the pack than he already stands. Sean has been able to craft a unique, fun-loving personality in the world of hip hop that people openly accept as serious when warranted by his songwriting. As if that alone was not enough to make him worthy of praise, he continues to push himself to move away from brag-rap and touch on more life topics, including the despair wrought in the streets of his hometown Detroit, and in doing so has found a way to address topics with young minds that thousands (if not millions) of adults have failed to do in their everyday lives. It may seem like pop music, but there is far more context to these lines than people often give credit, and “Fire” leads me to believe Hall Of Fame will make that abundantly clear once and for all when it hits stores August 27.

James Shotwell

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