Alleged Warped Tour Rapist Identified, Still Held On Bond


On July 23 of this year, police in Wyandotte County, Kansas arrested an 18-year old man who was working on Van’s Warped Tour over allegations he engaged in forced sexual conduct with an unidentified 18-year old girl. The story took a few days to get out, but in the last 24-hours has spread like wildfire across the internet. We still do not have all the details, but this afternoon new information has become available.

Christian Jose Ramos of California was booked into Wyandotte County Detention Center on July 24 on the charge of rape. He is currently being held on $50,000 bond and is expected to appear before a judge in the near future for his disposition. It is unclear at this time which band or company Ramos was working for at the time the incident occurred, but we are working with a number of sources to track down that information. You can view a screenhot from the Wyandotte County Sherriff’s website featuring a photo of Ramos at the end of this post.

As someone who has been on Warped Tour myself, I want to make it as clear as possible that this is not a normal occurrence on this tour, and I am certain the crew at Vans are doing everything in their power to help investigators. Kevin Lyman and his team work hard to ensure the safety of everyone on the tour, both on stage and in the crowd. Still, sometimes tragedies happen.

Organizers for Warped Tour have yet to comment on this situation. Stay tuned for updates.

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  • Unknown

    Christian is the victim here, not her. As the person who gave birth to him, I should know what he is and is not capable of doing. He was brought up in church and knows right from wrong. He was having the time of his life working the tour this summer trying to save money to buy his first car & made a huge mistake by messing around with a girl he didn’t know who ends up falsely accusing him of such horrendous things. It amazes me how quickly people tend to judge without any evidence whatsoever! This girl is lying. My son has the utmost respect for women & has always been a gentlemen. He would never hurt anyone in this manner. He would absolutely never force himself on anyone. I know the identity of this girl and as much as I would love to throw her name out there & ruin her life they way you have done my son without any conviction, I won’t because that’s not the type of person I am. At least The Dispatch newspaper in Kansas had the decency to not name him before he is convicted!

  • Cheryl Nataren

    There is no way this young man did this. I have had him in my home many times, attended church with him and have seen how he treats women. He has never disrespected anyone and is the first to stick up for someone doing wrong. He is kind hearted and whatever happened that night I believe it was mutually agreed upon and the young lady is hiding the truth. If she reads this I would ask her, if her actions that day and what happened after are really cause for a loved and loving young man to spend 20 years in prison to hide the fact that she allowed herself to be in a position she isn’t proud of after the fact. Please don’t punish Christian he doesn’t deserve this and those that know him will continue to pray that he is released and cleared of these charges. We love and believe in you Christian..-The Nataren’s