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In the 1970s, people constantly wondered if rock and roll had a future, and if so, what it would be. Fast forward to 2013, and we can safely say that even punk rock is all about cash once you get over the hill. Two forms of the famed hardcore punk group Black Flag have gotten back together, both featuring original members; one uses the proper title Black Flag and is fronted by guitarist Greg Ginn, another is called FLAG and is fronted by original frontman Keith Morris. By this point in the saga, you most likely already knew this.

Over the weekend, it became known that Ginn was suing his former bandmates for their use of the Black Flag logo and name. With this done, Black Flag’s official Facebook released this statement:

The dispute over Black Flag is not motivated by an effort to stop anyone from covering Black Flag songs. Quite to the contrary. Henry Garfield (Rollins) and Keith Morris made an effort to hijack the name for their own use. Behind everyone’s back Garfield and Morris last year filed a fraudulent trademark application in which they are claiming to own the name. Had we not taken action, this pair could have snuck this false application through enabling them to stop Black Flag from playing and use of the name for themselves.

— Black Flag

Fans have responded with pretty entertaining comments on the page. It would appear that Ginn just wants others to stop using the likeness to up his own cash flow; the attack of Henry Rollins seems random considering he has had nothing to do with any Black Flag reunions and has seemed to condemn such activities. You can read his statements on the reunions from back in May here. SST Records has long been rumored to not have properly paid the members of Black Flag; the whole “everyone sues everyone else” activities would support this money grabbing belief.

In related news, Fugazi are still not back together, The Minutemen aren’t replacing D. Boon, and Ian MacKaye doesn’t care if you think drinking tea is breaking edge.

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