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The television phenomenon known as Shark Week has spilled into mainstream pop culture in recent years, and we thought it was only fitting that this week spent celebrating the awesomely ferocious beauty of nature have its own playlist.

With the exception of Shark Night 3D, it’s hard to find a time in recent memory when people were not completely in love with sharks. Ever since Jaws terrified audiences back in the 70s, studios have spent (and made) millions cashing in on the fandom surrounding one of our planet’s deadliest creatures, and it only takes a Twitter search of the term “Sharknado” to realize that obsession isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. We realized earlier this week that while television programming and services like Netflix or Hulu do a great job of putting together Shark Week programming every year, there are nowhere near enough collections of songs on this topic, and shortly afterwards the idea for this feature was born. Some of the songs are bit on the fin, but having a bit of fun with music never hurt anyone, so click below and enjoy UTG’s Essential Shark Week Playlist.

A Wilhelm Scream – “Jaws 3, People 0”

When I think of sharks, no song comes up faster on my mental cue than this ferocious taste of punk from A Wilhelm Scream. It’s the kind of track that beats you into loving it with a relentless pace, ballsy lyrics, and a hook you want to scream until your lungs are sore. Party on, friends. – James Shotwell, Editor

Dead To Fall – “Chum Fiesta”

I was planning on straying from heavy stuff for my second pick, but then I realized how perfect this headbanger from Dead To Fall fits our theme. This is one of those “mosh until you have to stop from lack of oxygen reaching your brain” tracks, and in the event of an attack would provide the perfect accompaniment for someone screaming “run for your life!” – James Shotwell, Editor

The Aquabats – “Shark Fighter”

A shark inspired soundtrack would be incomplete without this fun track from The Aquabats. When I first heard this song, I was driving across the country to California and probably left it on repeat throughout the entire duration of Indiana. What better way to pay homage to the misunderstood sea beast than with an ode to Shark Fighters? – Anthony Galasso, Staff Writer

Norma Jean – “AHH! SHARK BITE! AHH!”

Norma Jean are best known for their technically proficient and ever-evolving metalcore, but they shocked the music scene earlier this year with the release of a song that managed to take a bite out of a topic few musicians have acknowledged that is now more relevant than ever before. Spanning an utterly massive six seconds, the Georgian act’s possible magnum opus “AHH! SHARK BITE! AHH!” channels all of the terrifying emotions associated with encountering a shark as it rips into one’s flesh through a raw, frantic atmosphere that makes the Jaws theme sound like a Radio Disney sing-along. There is simply no other piece of music that hits quite as hard as “AHH! SHARK BITE! AHH!” does during Shark Week, so prepare to continue diving into the abyss Norma Jean have envisioned while watching the ocean’s fiercest predators in action. – Michael Giegerich, Staff Writer

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – “Black Water”

“Black Water” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – This song is downright eerie and sounds like a midnight skinny dip in the ocean gone bad. You were surrounded by calm water under a sky full of stars, but now you’re swimming your butt off and life is flashing before your eyes and everything shifts into to slow motion as the shark closes in on you. All you’re surrounded by is black water. – Kellie Gannon, Head of Photography

Senses Fail – “Shark Attack”

Senses Fail has always been one of those bands who played musical chairs with bandmates. After leaving Drive-Thru Records and signing with Vagrant, the band replaced their rhythm guitar and added former Midtown guitarist, Heath Saraceno. With their newest addition, Senses Fail was finally evolving, and took things to the next level. “Shark Attack” is featured on the underrated 2006 album, Still Searching, via Vagrant Records. – Mike Sacchetti, Staff Writer

Fear Before The March of Flames – “Should Have Stayed in the Shallows”

When first thinking of Shark Week, this particular track is the first to come to mind. Not only did it help shape my interest in hardcore music nearly a decade ago, it delivered one of the most artistic puns found in such a genre. Yes, a musically artistic…pun. The line is question is, ” when they find her on the shore they’ll say shark that got her was an e-fish-int killer.” I still giggle when typing it, yet it magically fits the dark nature of the track. After all, nothing reflects Shark Week better then a heavy song about blow, car crashes and swimming a little too far into the deep end and facing the consequences. – Matthew Leimkuehler, Staff Writer

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – “Swim and Sleep (Like A Shark)”

This is one song from 2013 that’s a victim to the repeat button, and I can’t bring myself to stop listening. The vocals and guitars have a laziness about them that is calming (much like swimming and sleeping–hooray for music that matches its lyrics) brought on by the continual descent down the scale. The entire album has the feeling of 60s psychedelic pop, and this acts as the gateway track to lure you in. Best of all, the hazy production makes it feel like you’re underwater the whole time it’s playing. Now go find Bruce, Chum, and Anchor; it’s time for a group nap. – Nina Corcoran, Staff Writer

Driver Friendly – “Shark Cave”

Driver Friendly’s brand of infectious noise-pop is a addicting to audiophiles as a butterfinger is to a diabetic nation. Wall of sound guitars and brass build over the band’s signature “ever changing, always moving” drums structures. With the energy of a first grade classroom high on Red Bull, “Shark Cave” isn’t fucking around when it challenges you to move. If you’re not shaking your ass, you’re just not paying attention to what this young band is doing. – Josh Hammond, Staff Writer

V V Brown – “Shark In The Water”

I may never hear another song from V V Brown in my life, but “Shark In The Water” is all I’ll ever need to know to say she’s got the goods. The only reason this song is in my train of thought is because Degrassi used it for a promo a few years ago. Yes, I’m closer to 30 than 16 and still spend too much time stressing over the lives of Canadian teens — But it was one of the best seasons of Degrassi post Drizzy Drake and we’ll say it’s all because of attaching Brown’s “Shark In The Water.” – Kendra Beltran

Limp Bizkit – “Shark Attack”

Ever since Peter Benchley’s 1974 magnum opus novel JAWS hit book stores (and it’s later film adaptation revolutionized Hollywood), people have been wondering if sharks truly are man eaters, terrorizing New England towns, and if they can seek out people due to a voodoo curse (JAWS 4: The Revenge). While thousands of scientists and even Peter Benchley have been vocal in their responses (no, no, and maybe; it depends on the curse), there is no one more qualified to throw their opinion into the ring than Limp Bizkit’s own Fred Durst.

In their song “Shark Attack”, Durst proudly and confidently states that “Swimming with sharks, it ain’t easy: they just want to kill and eat me”, finally solidifying that our opinion that sharks are the Jason Vorhees of the seas is true. No other opinion matters. – Dane Sager, Film Columnist

John Williams – Jaws Theme

Do you need us to explain this one? If so, do yourself a favor and buy a blu ray copy of JAWS as soon as humanly possible. – UTG Staff

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