UTG Premiere: 3 Years Hollow – “The Devil’s Slave”


Quad Cities rock outfit 3 Years Hollow will release their debut album, Cracks, on February 11 through Imagen Records. Today, we’re honored to share with you the world premiere of the album opener, “The Devil’s Slave.”

Offering crunchy riffs and the kind of hook hard rock fans will want to scream from the top of their lungs, “The Devil’s Slave” is the perfect way for 3 Years Hollow to open their latest release. It’s the sort of song that grabs you by the collar within seconds and demands your full attention. You can stream the song, in full, below.

When asked about “The Devil’s Slave,” 3 Years Hollow vocalist Jose Urquiza offered:

The Devil’s Slave is kind of this story about a person’s struggle in something. Their fight against the world or their fight against all odds. Basically it comes down to fighting off any negativity or evil that comes your way and just pushing through to achieve your dreams or goals. This is a song that Clint had written some of the music for so we sat down together to come up with the vocal parts and it all just kind of came naturally. This song definitely showcases Clint as a 6th member of 3 Years Hollow and it’s already a favorite from the album.

In addition to hosting the premiere of “The Devil’s Slave,” UTG was also given the opportunity recently to catch up with 3 Years Hollows and discuss their debut album. You can read the conversation that unfolded at the end of this post.

There is no telling what the future holds for 3 Years Hollow, but right now they are poised to take the mainstream rock world by storm in 2014. Pick up Cracks on February 11 and support the next generation of hard rock.

UTG: Hey there, thank you for taking the time to speak with us. For everyone who is reading this post now and has never come across Three Years Hollow, how would you describe your band and the sound you create?

3YH: I would say we’re definitely very melodic but heavy at the same time. We all come from such different musical backgrounds, so everyone brings a certain flavor to our sound. I think that is what allows us to attract such a big variety of listeners.

UTG: Your debut album is due out this February. Reading the liner notes I noticed that Clint Lowery of Sevendust and Call Me No One produced the record. How did you first come into contact with Clint, and what would you say he brought to the album creation process that helped you create to the best of your abilities?

3YH: We met Clint through his brother Corey, who is in Eye Empire. We had played a couple of shows with EE and Corey really liked what he heard. He thought we’d be a good match for Clint to do some co-writing, and the rest just fell into place.

UTG: You have been a band since 2006, but it wasn’t until 2012 that record labels began to take notice. As someone who is currently breaking out on a national level, what advice would you offer up and coming rock acts hoping to one day make it in the music industry?

3YH: Definitely do as much as you can on your own, it’s the best way to learn and helps keep costs down. First off, make it about the music. If it isn’t about the music first no matter how much time and money you spend, it’s all for nothing. If your fans believe in your music, you’ll feel it, you’ll start to understand that maybe what you’re doing is special. It all kind of grows on it’s own. Play a ton of shows, become as good as you can be, and eventually the right person will hear your music.

UTG: 2014 began with you joining Saving Abel for a run of shows in the middle of the country. What can you tell us about your tour plans for the rest of the year?

3YH: Right now we’re going to finish up touring with Saving Abel and Blacklite District, then after the record comes out hopefully we’ll have some offers. We’d love to tour and play as many shows as possible to support this record, we want to get to know all of the bands out there doing the same thing we are. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to tour with some of our favorites.

UTG: What is one thing you hope people take away from your music?

3YH: This for me has always been my therapy. I wrote music because I was by myself my whole life and needed something to do, and music is what I fell in love with. It got me through every single dark and happy time in my life. If it helps even one single person through the same, it’s all worth it.

UTG: Okay, I think we have all we need for now. Before I let you get back to work, do you have any final thoughts or observations you would like to share with our readers? The floor is yours:

3YH: We can’t wait to get to know every one of you. Every single believer and fan of rock music, or even music in general. We’re hear because it’s what we love to do, and because you support us in it. We’re here for life.

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