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It must be tough trying to develop an alternative rock act these days. With the same dozen or so acts making up every major tour announcement, finding a way to catch a break with curious music fans is nearly impossible. The best most can hope to do is create music so good it makes people want to share it with others, which is exactly what Bentley Park have done with their latest release.

I have no idea exactly how many emails come through the UTG offices pitching bands that sound like My Chemical Romance, A Day To Remember, Pierce The Veil, Memphis May Fire, Asking Alexandria, or some combination of those acts thrown together. The harsh truth is that few rarely live up to this comparison, and those that do rarely seem unique enough to give much blog space. Bentley Park however, offer a rare exception to the comparison trap. They do bring to mind many contemporaries, but they do so with a sound that is unquestionably theirs alone.

Recently, Bentley Park released their official video for the song “All The Fists In The World Won’t Save You Now.” It’s the first track to be released from the band’s forthcoming EP, which is currently scheduled for a spring release (likely in April), and we think it could soon be your new favorite single. The band offers an anthemic, guitar-driven vibe of love on the rocks that oozes influence from the scene’s biggest names wrapped in a catchy alternative sound you won’t be able to resist. You can experience the song and video below.

We are currently working with Bentley Park to plan additional promotion leading up to their EP’s initial release. While we do that, take the time now to follow the group of Twitter and Facebook. Everyone will be talking about this band in six months. Now is the time to get familiar with their brilliant take on modern rock.

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