The Ocean Between Us Reunite, Working On New Music

The Ocean Between Us

Bands break up all of the time. There are as many reasons as there are artists, and they range from animosity between members, child birth or they simply fall out of love with the music. In The Ocean Between Us‘ case, the band battled financial hardship for too long and couldn’t fight it anymore. Their frontman parted ways with the band just days after their (fantastic) debut full length album came out, and they’ve been quiet ever since.

That all changed yesterday. The Ocean Between Us posted a Facebook update announcing that the members will be getting back together (including their frontman, Judd Wrighton) and plan on writing a second full length album. This is the exciting news that fans have been waiting to hear for almost a year now. You can read the official announcement by taking a look below the jump.

Dear friends & skeptics,

It’s not easy to put into words what any member of The Ocean Between Us/TOBU past or present feels about everything we’ve been through as a band since 2009. From pushing our gear around in shopping trollies and touring the country using public transport to then signing a record deal and being honoured to play shows/festivals, explore places, gain friends, memories and experiences way past our little teenage minds could have ever imagined. We have always been focused on our fateful friendships and have never had anything on our plates to give apart from hard work.
Sometimes hard work is just not enough and as we started to doubt even ourselves around the time of our debut full length ‘Savoir Faire’ many of you will be aware of our financial constraints and for anyone who knows us personally would have witnessed our complete struggle. We were simply fed up of being fed up. Splitting as a band all together was a talk for at least a year previous to the day we actually did.
Shit happens and things change. Almost a year on a range of different things have brought us back together. After a life changing accident involving guitarist Simon Smyllie a month or so back, we were reunited with our old friend and drummer Rob Kennedy who previously moved to Scotland. Co-founding member and guitarist during our first EP release Bryn Barker is now back on board also. Benjamin is still delivering Bass and Judd is also keener than ever for this next release.

A big thank you is owed to any fan or follower out there as it’s you guys and ourselves we are doing this for. Your personal messages inspired us to keep creating and playing music together as we seemed to lose our minds a little somewhere along the way as our freedom to think for ourselves was taken away. We walked through the valley of the shadow of death, fought all evil and came out the other end a little more adult.
You can expect to hear brand new music from us within the next month and a brand new full length album later this year which we feel will be the most honest music we will have released to date. Our faith has been restored and are constantly reminded of what we really love doing with our lives as individuals. We have our old friends back and are all stoked to show you guys what were really capable of.

We live in A Generation Of Talkers. We are learning to walk…

Much love.

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