Amanda Seyfried Takes Female Lead Over Mila Kunis In ‘Ted 2′


Mila Kunis won’t be there when the thunder strikes for Ted 2 as the leading female role has been handed over to Amanda Seyfried.

Those who loved Kunis’ Lori will see her in the sequel, but not as much. Her role has been reduced, leaving Seyfried front and center. There’s no word yet on who the Les Misérables star will even play. She could be Mark Wahlberg’s new love interest, she could be Ted’s new beau – the speculations will continue until we know for sure. One can only hope Seyfried brings that Mean Girls charm to Ted 2.

This has nothing to do with Kunis and Seth MacFarlane having any sort of beef with one another. They are still happily working on Fox’s Family Guy together. As for Seyfried, this won’t be the first time she and MacFarlane have worked side by side. She’s starring in his upcoming Western comedy, A Million Ways to Die in the West, out May 30.

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