Is Adam Driver The New ‘Star Wars’ Villain?

Star Wars

First he was rumored to be Nightwing in the upcoming film Batman vs. Superman, but now it is being announced that Girls actor, Adam Driver, is very close to signing on for the villain role in the next Star Wars films.

Said to be an iconic character much like Darth Vadar, Driver will continue the dark side of the force from where Return of the Jedi left off. With many other casting rumors floating around the internet, this is the closest to an official confirmation we have gotten since the film’s early conception. With production beginning in London this April, I am sure we will be seeing more casting related news in the future.

So what do you all think? Does Driver fit the bill for a possible Star Wars villain? Driver, who has been in high demand since his work in Girls, has been quite the busy actor, with many projects soon to be released. But, this extra push from a galaxy far, far away could warp the actor to a higher stature.

Drew Caruso

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