‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Will Connect With ‘Avengers 3’


Marvel has created an exceptional cinematic universe. Tying in big budget film after big budget film, it should be safe to assume that the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy will serve up plot lines for films to come, though one may be taken aback to learn that Guardians is aiding the plot all the way up to Avengers 3.

Looking at the clues left behind in all the Marvel films up to this point, I surmise that the planned Avengers 3 will most likely be tied to the epic Infinity Gauntlet story-line. In the past films we have seen many artifacts that are believed to be Infinity Gems, that when compiled together construct God-like power, something Marvel supervillain Thanos is after. The Infinity story arc takes us all over the galaxy, so it would make sense that Guardians of the Galaxy will be our introduction to those plot-lines.

On a side note, Jesse Lacey from Brand New has said that one of the Infinity Gauntlet covers is his favorite of all comics, and you can check out the video interview from 2009 after the jump.

Drew Caruso

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