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Skate and Surf

Festival season is quickly approaching and we here at Under The Gun are thoroughly excited about it. The closest festival in our sight is Skate and Surf 2014. It is once again being held in Asbury Park, NJ right on the oceanfront and we are scheduled to be bringing you some great video interviews from throughout the weekend.

If you’re a nostalgic music fan in your 20s or 30s or even a 16-year-old kid, chances are the Skate and Surf Festival will be an enjoyable (and unforgettable) experience. There are plenty of bands to choose from, but you aren’t completely overwhelmed with options. This may seem like an argument that is rarely put forward, but we like that there aren’t over a hundred artists performing or an excessive amount of stages to choose between. It gives the old school fans a chance to check out the newcomers and the young kids in the crowd an opportunity to experience the classics.

The UTG staff has come together to make a list of which bands we suggest you don’t skip at this year’s S&S. Check out below the jump to see what artists we chose and make sure to comment and let us know who you’re most excited to see!

The lineup for each day has solid artists ranging from the 1990s up to bands formed in recent years. Regardless of distance, the prospect of seeing the reunion of Midtown or Saosin perform with Anthony Green are enough reason for many of us to make the trip out to Jersey, but with a diverse lineup like this, we’re sure it’ll be a busy weekend with more to offer than we can even plan for. For our choices on this feature, we decided to stay away from the obvious headliners; we don’t think anyone needs any convincing to go see Midtown, New Found Glory or Alkaline Trio.


From the first few notes of “Bleed For You,” I’m immediately transported back in time. HIPV’s Life In Dreaming was released 9 years ago during the glory days, back when Drive-Thru Records was still a thing. Bands like The Movielife, Something Corporate, Finch, Allister, Midtown, and more played venues in New York that no longer exist. This music brings me back to when the scene was a bit different; it was thriving, hyperlocal, and there was no shortage of good bands to check out.

I’ve only seen Hidden In Plain View perform once in 2006 at The Bamboozle Festival and it was a great experience, but I’ve always regretted not going to see them at the distant memory that was once The Downtown on Long Island. — Derek Scancarelli, UTG TV / Interviewer / Photographer

Watch the video for “Bleed For You” from Life In Dreaming.


I think Youth took most people by surprise. Maybe because we had seen this upbringing before within the scene. Big local act signed by big indie label, LP due out in spring/summer, produced by Will Yip (looking at you Daylight and Turnover). While both Magnolia and Jar are great in their own right, something about Youth captured me. Solidified by a night ending set at this past summer’s Warped Tour, Citizen resonate strong. The tracks found on Youth assert themselves as songs first, weaving layer after layer knowing that a song is only as good as its form first, and experimentation later.

So why should Citizen be worth your time? Their energetic live show, coupled with their skillful songwriting found on their new album present an experience that is collected yet imaginative. Be prepared to feel Youth in your bones. Chilling, eh? — Drew Caruso, News & Review Writer

Watch the video for “The Summer” from Youth.


Knuckle Puck are the brightest stars in the current crop of Midwestern pop punk bands. The passion and energy present on The Weight That You Buried comes through even more clearly live. I’ve only seen them in basements so far, but if recent tour slots with Neck Deep and Man Overboard are any indication, they’re more than able to tear up stages of any size. — Troy Sennett, News & Review Writer

Watch the video for “Give Up” from Don’t Come Home.


Patent Pending’s not-so-serious antics coupled with catchy tunes and what can only be described as the most obvious case of ADHD I’ve ever seen makes for one hell of a live show. If you’re in the vicinity and happen to catch oily blow-up dolls crowdsurfing atop sweaty, tattooed festival-goers eating cotton candy, make sure you stop by and take a wild ride on the Pending train. If you’re lucky enough, they may even cover the Backstreet Boys. You may be moderately uncomfortable with it, but there’s a chance you’ll loosen up and sing along. The band’s newest record, Brighter, was released in 2013 and has brought them to even grander levels of international success. From church basements on Long Island to oceans of fans in the UK, the band probably won’t stop until they perform in in another universe. — Anthony Galasso, News & Review Writer

Watch the video for “Hey Mario” from Brighter.


Amidst highly-anticipated reunions of early-2000s superstars Midtown, Saosin, and Hidden In Plain View, it’s easy to overlook The Early November on this year’s Skate and Surf lineup. While the band never really took off in the same way their Drive-Thru contemporaries did, the band reunited in 2011 and released the phenomenal In Currents in 2012. In the few times I’ve seen them since, it’s clear that the band is one of the best groups making music today. Their set at the Long Island date of 2013’s Warped Tour was easily the highlight of the day, and their set at a festival where their roots are celebrated above all else is sure to be a classic. — John Bazley, News & Review Writer

Watch the video for “Tell Me Why” from In Currents.


The Canadian djentlemen in Structures put on a hell of a high-energy show. I was entirely unfamiliar with the band the first time I saw them live but between their intense metalcore, chaotic crowd involvement, and sweet choreographed moves on stage, they ended up outperforming most of the bands that were billed above them that night. I’d suggest bringing a neck brace and a shield of sorts because you’re gonna have whiplash from banging your head and want something to protect you from the endless karate kicks and flailing arms that are sure to overtake the pit during breakdowns. #TrueMosh4Life — Brian Lion, Co-Owner / Head Of Staff / Editor

Watch the video for “Paralyzed__” from Divided By.


One of hip-hop’s rising stars, Jake Miller is an artist not to miss for a few reasons: his performances are a non-stop party, the music hits hard and, well, and it’s a non-stop party. Jake never disappoints live. Trust me, I’ve seen him twice now and both shows were fantastic. I photographed him at last year’s Skate and Surf and now he’s back for round two. Prepare yourself for a fun-filled performance that will make your first day at S&S a memorable one. — Corbin Alvae, Head of Photography

Watch the video for “Collide” from Us Against Them.


For many avid fans, Circa Survive was their first exposure to truly independent and alternative music. This connection has kept Circa a fan favorite as both the band and listener have traveled their own musical journeys. I was no different, so when I saw them for the first time in 2010 on their tour with Dredg, Animals as Leaders and Codeseven, it was a sight to behold. Never before have I heard so many people singing along to every song. Never before have I walked away with such a sore throat. Never before have I had such a smile from ear to ear. Never will I regret taking the time to witness Circa Survive live. Don’t be the person regretting you didn’t. — Mark Garza, News & Review Writer

Watch the video for “Sharp Practice” from Violent Waves.


Between their record setting Solid State debut, constant tours across the globe and an exponentially growing fan base, Fit For A King have all the right pieces to become the next face of metalcore. Thus, it is highly recommended to catch their set while they continue to rise. The band’s passion of their recorded material is only multiplied in concert. Whether in the front row, in the mosh pit, or observing from a distance, the Texan outfit’s heavy-hitting show won’t be leaving audience members’ minds any time soon, so do yourself a favor and don’t sleep on Fit For A King. — Michael Giegerich, News & Review Writer

Watch the video for “Keep Me Alive” from Descendants.


They might be listed towards the bottom of the bill, but Pianos Become the Teeth are a force to be reckoned with at this year’s festival. The past two times that I’ve watched the band perform (one time co-headlining with Moving Mountains at a skatepark and the other being on their recent run with La Dispute), I’ve consistently been blown away by frontman Kyle Durfey’s ability to wring out every ounce of his emotions onstage.

This Baltimore quintet’s recorded work is nothing to scoff at either; it seems as if they’ve hit a stride with their writing since the release of their 2011 sophomore album, The Lack Long After. The recently uploaded live footage of the group performing their unreleased track “Lesions” has us craving even more, but seeing as how there’s been next to no word on a third full-length, catching a set from PBTT on Sunday, May 18 could very well be the next best thing. — Adrian Garza, News & Review Writer

Listen to “Hiding” from their split with Touché Amoré.



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