First Look: Zack Snyder Teases New Batmobile


Oh, Zack Snyder. If it weren’t for JJ Abrams you would be all alone atop fandom’s Mount Olympus. After all, not many people can claim they have been given the go ahead to direct not one, but both of DC Comics’ biggest film adaptations to date.

Today, Snyder followed Abrams’ teaser heavy promotional route by sharing an image online that appears to reveal a very covered, but very much real Batmobile. The vehicle, which is draped in a giant tarp, is seen in a vacant parking garage with only its back wheels exposed. You can view the image below.

Writing to fans as he shared the image, Snyder commented “Could be time to pull the tarp…Tomorrow?” We are not exactly sure what Snyder is getting at, but it’s likely another stage of production on Man Of Steel 2 is about to commence. The film, which most have been calling Batman Vs Superman, will hit theaters in 2016. Justice League will follow a year later in 2017, with production on the two projects happening back to back. We will bring you more updates on this development as soon as additional information becomes available.


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