From First To Last Release New Version Of “Note To Self” With New Singer

from first to last

With a new EP on the horizon, and the ten year anniversary of Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Body Count a little over a month away, From First To Last have treated long time listeners with a newly recorded version of fan favorite, “Note To Self.” This version features new singer Spencer Sotelo from Periphery.

The song itself is barely changed, though it is nice to hear a higher quality version, as opposed to the lesser produced original. Clearer guitars, crisper vocals, and an overall boast in quality, the trip down memory lane is surely welcomed, though its necessity is a little questioned. With their new work funded, the band is currently at work on new material.

Follow us after the jump to take a listen to the new version of “Note To Self,” and be sure to stay tuned to UTG for any more news regarding From First To Last’s revitalization.

Here is the original for comparison.

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