Stream & Download The Debut Single By Harlot (Danny Worsnop)


It seems more and more musicians are starting or joining music projects that aren’t their original/main band. One of the more recent artists to start up a new group is Asking Alexandria‘s frontman Danny Worsnop. The band’s name is Harlot, and they have just released their very first single. The new song is titled “Denial,” and you can stream it right below the jump.

We all know that with each release Asking Alexandria have slowly become more of a rock ‘n’ roll band. I personally really dislike that fact, so it’s no surprise that Harlot have more of a rock sound than an old school AA sound (which is what I was hoping for). The song isn’t bad by any means, but if you were hoping for some of that heaviness we used to hear from this artist then you will be disappointed. Worsnop does unleash a few growls here and there, but otherwise it’s all clean vocals.

If you do happen to like what you hear, the song is available to download free from the band. You can grab that download by heading here.

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