STREAM: Nightmares – “Carnival Of Souls”


We are two weeks away from the release of Nightmares‘ debut full length album, Suspiria. It’s currently set to hit stores June 3 via Rise Records. So far, the group has revealed a couple of singles, and now they’ve unleashed another one. The new song is titled “Carnival Of Souls,” and it’s available to stream right below the break.

“Carnival Of Souls” isn’t the heaviest song the band has released to date, but it’s definitely the creepiest. They have a unique approach to their music, and it’s refreshing to hear a slightly different sound from other post hardcore outfits coming out with music right now. There are a lot of releases coming out in June that I am looking forward to, and this album is near the top of my list.

Be sure to snag yourself a pre-order bundle by heading to Rise Records’ MerchNow page.

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