‘Boardwalk Empire’ Actor Charlie Cox Cast As Marvel’s Next Daredevil


With showrunner Drew Goddard leaving Marvel’s planned Daredevil Netflix series, new showrunner Steven S. DeKnight had to hunker down and finally choose an actor for the lead role of Matt Murdoch. In an intersting choice, DeKnight has chosen Boardwalk Empire alum Charlie Cox.

Viewers will recognize Cox from the aforementioned Boardwalk Empire, but as well as Stardust, directed my Matthew Vaughn. What is most interesting about this casting announcement, first rumored by Latino Review, now confirmed by Variety, is that Cox may be as unsuperhero like as one could get, and trust me, that is a good thing. Matt Murdock is not a character for flashy entrances and grand actions, he is a real, torn character who has no fear, but possibly regret. With the gangster grit brought on in Boardwalk Empire, Cox will be able to bring the realistic dark nature of the character to life onscreen.

The planned Daredevil series will coincide with Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist incarnations, all before they meet up for a Defenders series, also through Netflix.

What do you think of the casting call? Can Cox portray the dark hero in a way which the comic series deserves? We will have to wait until sometime in 2015 to find out.

Drew Caruso

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