LISTEN: Dikembe – “Hood Rat Messiah”

dikembe mediumship

It has been a long wait for any new Dikembe music, but the band has come back into the spotlight with their new track “Hood Rat Messiah.”

Combining elements of punk, emo, and even influences from the likes of Manchester Orchestra and post-rock, “Hood Rat Messiah” is an explosive emission of emotion, energy, and sound. The track comes off of their newly announced sophomore LP, Mediumship, which is due out in August via Tiny Engines Records (pre-order a copy now).

With Mediumship boasting a darker atmosphere, when asked about this change in direction singer/guitarist Steven Gray explained, “I think when we started making Mediumship there was a conscious decision to make a record we felt more attached to. What I mean by that is we wanted the record to sound more like the records we loved when we were growing up. We also added Randy to the band on bass, and he was really encouraging when we started shifting the sound a bit.”

Follow us after the jump to hear the stellar new Dikembe track.

Drew Caruso

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  • Brian Lion

    This is everything I hoped it’d be. Beautiful song.