‘Left Behind’ Trailer: Nicolas Cage Vs. The Rapture


The Left Behind series is one of the best-selling book franchises in history, and not too long ago they spawned a series of Kirk Cameron-led films that played almost entirely to Christian audience. In 2012 news broke about a reboot being in production from Cloud Ten Pictures starring Nicolas Cage and Chad Michael Murray, which we found both peculiar and hard to believe, but today our doubts were proven false as the film’s first official trailer made its debut online.

After bouncing from a spring release to summer, then once more to October for what looks to be at least a limited theatrical release, Left Behind tells the story of a small group of survivors who are ‘left behind’ after the rapture. Yes, the biblical rapture. Nicolas Cage plays the lead role, and for what it’s worth his contributions to the film seem admirable. The effects, music, and strange use of slow motion, however, have me incredibly worried. You can view the film’s first trailer below:

Left Behind will land in theaters October 3. It was filmed in Louisiana on a budget of $16 million and according to at least one producer there are already plans in place for a sequel. Cage, however, has yet to sign on.

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