G-Unit Compare Themselves To Christ On “They Talked About Jesus”


“This one here is for all non-believers,” Young Buck raps on G-Unit’s latest, which debuted online earlier this week.

“They talk,” Lloyd Banks follows moments later.

“F–k it, they talked about Jesus,” Buck bites back.

At this point you would have had to spend the better part of the last month in a coma in order to miss the news that G-Unit is back together. The recently reunited hip-hop collective have been unleashing a slew of singles in recent weeks, and yesterday they decided to liken themselves to Christ with the speaker-rattling track, “They Talked About Jesus.” You can stream and download the track, for free, below:

50 Cent has been the center of most G-Unit tracks as of late, but here he takes a step back so that Buck and Lloyd can shine. It pays off, and goes a long way towards keeping news about the group fresh in a time where everyone is also being inundated with news for Curtis’ latest solo album, Animal Ambition.

We confirmed not long ago that G-Unit would be releasing a new album in late November, but I doubt “They Talked About Jesus” will end up on the final track list. It could, however, end up on a yet to be announced mixtape. Follow UTG on Twitter for updates.

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