Watch The Trailer For ‘About Alex’ (Aubrey Plaza, Max Greenfield)

About Alex

In 1983 a film titled The Big Chill hit theaters. The movie, starring big named actors such as Glenn Close, Jeff Goldblum and Kevin Costner, follows a group of friends reuniting after their friend Alex (Costner) kills himself.

A little over 30 years later, the “millennial” version of the movie will be hitting theaters. About Alex also follows a group of friends who plan a getaway after their friend, named Alex (Jason Ritter), tries to kill himself. Unlike The Big Chill though, he is unsuccessful in his attempt and joins the rest of his friends. About Alex stars Aubrey Plaza (Parks & Rec), Max Greenfield (New Girl), Jane Levy and more. You can check out the trailer for the movie below the jump.

Though About Alex is not a remake, it’s obvious the movie is very heavily inspired by the 1983 hit. Even the covers look alike. It hits theaters and VOD everywhere August 8.

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