Get Funky With Jungle’s Debut Album In Full and Watch Their New Video For “Time”


Jungle has been on a steady rise for the better part of this past year, even though there isn’t a whole lot that anyone knows about them. We do know that the ensemble revolves around its core duo–known simply as J and T–they’re based out of London, they recently made an impressive television debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and they make great music videos. We also know that their debut LP is set to release next week on July 14 through XL Recordings.

What we’ve heard from the group so far is basically impossible to resist dancing to. Their fresh brand of modern funk is unrivaled in this day and age and if you don’t believe us, you can stream Jungle in full via iTunes now, a week ahead of its release, but I’d suggest warming up first with their new video for “Time” after the jump.

You can still find pre-order options for iTunes, Amazon, and XL’s webstore here.

Brian Leak

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