Christopher Walken Will Smile At Crocodiles As Captain Hook For NBC’s ‘Peter Pan’


We don’t always report on big name stars making small screen appearances, but it’s a slow Sunday and Christopher Walken is the man. If you have a problem with this post, don’t worry. There will be another one, less connected to musicals, in no time at all.

NBC announced this afternoon that screen legend Christopher Walken has been cast to portray the iconic role of Captain Hook on the television network’s upcoming live broadcast of Peter Pan the musical. NBC Entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt revealed the decision at the Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills on Sunday.

“He might really be a song and dance man at heart,” Greenblatt told critics. “He’s fearless as a comedic actor and always comes to play. I guarantee you he’s going to bring his own spin to Captain Hook. He might be the first tap-dancing Captain Hook.”

No one has been cast for the musical’s title role, but Greenblatt told the rumor of industry professionals that the company was seeking a female lead. He also revealed he wanted to cast none other than Kristen Bell (Frozen) as Pan — but that he had to let it go. “We’ve actually had several women who wanted to do it but they’re either busy or their schedules don’t work,” he said. “It’s not like we can film this at any time. I need that person from Aug. 5 to Dec. 5 and so that knocks out the Kristen Bells of the world — who is someone that I talked to about doing it and she was interested, but she’s doing House of Lies … it’s tricky finding the right person, but we’re actually close.”

No air date has been set for the musical. You can view a video of Walken’s dance moves below:

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