Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness Streams “Cecilia And The Satellite”


Andrew McMahon could release music under any pseudonym he desired and fans would flock to hear every second he was willing to lay to digital tape. His latest project, Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness, is still relatively new, but already the pop-laden outfit have become the apple of the alternative scene’s eye.

Today, Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness shared a brand new single titled “Cecilia And The Satellite.” The song is a lush and driving track, with piano and pulsating bass guiding the verse and chorus with an infectious tone few will be able to deny. McMahon sings about life and the experiences he has been through, as well as the beauty he’s found and how none of it compares to the woman he’s writing about in this song. You can stream the song, in full, below:

If there was ever a time in McMahon’s career when he was creating the kind of music that radio might pick up and play it’s right now with the material he’s releasing in this very moment. “Cecilia And The Satellite” is well within his wheelhouse of songwriting, but the production helps elevate things to a level that could easily rub shoulders with the likes of One Republic or The Fray. I know that idea might make some longtime fans shudder, but McMahon has a family to feed and that kind of attention would certainly help. Don’t help, just support and celebrate.

James Shotwell

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