Feel Your Skin Crawl While Watching the Debut Trailer for ‘Nightcrawler’


I have to let you know this up front: I’m a huge fan of Jake Gyllenhaal’s. I think he is wildly under appreciated, and does a lot of really great character work in almost all of his films, that usually ends up going unnoticed. Today, we are pleased to share with you the undeniably creepy trailer for Gyllenhaal’s new film, Nightcrawler.

The directorial debut of writer Dan Gilroy (The Fall, Real Steel, Bourne Legacy), Nightcrawler tells the story of Lou Bloom, a strangely driven man who in his attempt to find a job, discovers the dark world of crime journalism in Los Angeles. As with a lot of Gyllenhaal’s work, the film has a really menacing and “boiling beneath the surface” tone to it. Gyllenhaal lost a lot of weight for the role, which I think really adds to the uncomfortable vibes that the trailer portrays.

Nightcrawler opens up in theaters October 17, which seats it right in the middle of Oscar season, and with a buzz that’s already pretty strong you can bet this is one you need to keep an eye on. Check out the trailer after the break and let us know what you think, as well as what your favorite Jake Gyllenhaal film is.

Tyler Osborne

Live in DC, grew up in PA. I specialize in writing, filming and taking pictures about punk, pop-punk, and hardcore music, and I also have a huge background in film as well. When not on the site, i'm running my own internet radio show, ToZ's Edge Radio (www.facebook.com/tozedgeradio). I also love stage diving and goldfish.
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  • XBlueCollarHardcoreX

    This looks really awesome. My favorite movie of his would have to be October Sky for the nostalgia. It brings me back to simpler days.