Watch the Trailer for a Documentary About the Unfinished Nic Cage as Superman Movie and Cry ‘Cause It Never Happened

dath of superman

It’s both with a happy and heavy heart that we share with you the trailer for The Death of Superman Lives; What Happened?, which tells the story of the unfinished Superman film that will burden the UTG family’s imagination forever. This documentary tells the story of the 1998 Superman film that never went into production. Directed by Tim Burton, and starring site-favorite Nicolas Cage, the film went through tireless amounts of rewrites, until it eventually went into production purgatory, then died. The Death of Superman Lives tells the story of why the film had such trouble in the production stages, with interviews from Tim Burton himself, Kevin Smith (who did rewrites on the film), and hopefully, Nicolas Cage (although the trailer doesn’t show him…yet).

If you’re like us, you probably think that the original movie sounds absolutely ridiculous in the best way. Superman had long flowing hair, there’s tons of aliens, Superman loses his powers, Batman makes a cameo, Chris Rock as Jimmy Olsen; it sounds like absolute madness. Picture it. Believe in it. Get sad because it doesn’t exist. However, we’re totally excited to visit the world that never was, and see what it was like having Nic Cage as Superman, but also how convoluted the studio film system can get sometimes.

Click through the break to watch the trailer and weep with us.

Tyler Osborne

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  • K. Bennett

    Can’t wait to get my bluray copy of this from helping with the kickstarter!