Meshuggah + ‘Space Jam’ Soundtrack = The Mashup You Never Knew You Needed


I don’t spend nearly as much time on Reddit as I would like to, but whenever I do have time to peruse its seemingly endless collection of photos, gifs, and information I almost always stumble across something that blows my mind. 9 times out of 10 I never even knew that thing existed before Reddit shared it with me, which is exactly what happened when I discovered the mashup you’re about to hear early this morning.

If there are two things every twenty-something with a love for metal can appreciate, it’s Meshuggah and the soundtrack to the hit film Space Jam. Okay, maybe that second one is a bit of toss-up, but I don’t think I could be friends with someone who doesn’t appreciate that record. It’s almost perfect. In fact, the only thing that could possibly make it better is the addition of Meshuggah, which someone on Reddit made a reality earlier this week. “Bleed Jam,” which was born on a subreddit dedicated to mashups, combines the theme from Space Jam with Meshuggah’s “Bleed” and the results are top shelf. You can stream the track below:

Most mashups are good for a single spin or two, but this track has been on repeat all morning long at Under The Gun Review HQ. If you would like more material like this, you can check out a full mashup release from the creative minds of Reddit on Bandcamp. “Bleed Jam” is a my favorite of the bunch, but you may find another that wins you over.

James Shotwell

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