UTG INTERVIEW: The Lost Poets Discuss ‘Insubordia’ and International Appeal

the lost poets

We don’t know all that much about the enigmatic Swedish duo that goes by The Lost Poets, but we do know that they recently released an EP entitled Insubordia, full of dark, swampy blue vibes that only furthers the mysterious aura surrounding them.

We recently had the chance to talk with the Poets about the EP, their crossover to the US, and what they have in store for the remainder of the year in terms of new material and travel plans, so read below to get the details from The Lost Poets and check out their video for “Ode To K.”

How’d you land on The Lost Poets as the name for this project?

We wanted a name that really reflected us and who we are. As many musicians do, we often find ourselves lost in the norms of what is supposed to be ”real life” with real jobs, steady income, a house and so forth. We also see ourselves as poets in the sense that we are fragile artists and the lyrics reflect that. Hence the name, The Lost Poets.

How did the two of you originally come together and form this act?

It’s been a long journey to say the least. Ages ago we played in the same band but it dissolved after a while and we went our own different ways. Many years later we ended up playing together again purely by chance. Petter was the drummer in a rock band that needed a singer and David was recommended by a mutual friend. From there on we’ve been through many constellations, band names and band members to get to were we are today. It feels like all the choices we’ve made in our lives, good or bad, has led us up to this point. We couldn’t have been The Lost Poets two years ago for example.

And as far as the sense of mystery that seems to surround the two of you, how did that come into play? Was that something that started from the very beginning?

We didn’t set out to be mysterious. We just followed our music and ended up where we are. For us, what you see is is not an act or an image, but where our hearts and souls are right now.

Do you see that theme continuing on for the duration of this project?

Our alter egos will remain as long as we feel that they’re right for us. Who knows, maybe we’ll be naked or dressed as pink flowers the next time!

Regarding Insubordia, how would you say the title relates to the music on the EP?

Insubordia is a totalitarian, dark state that is located in an alternate universe. If you listen closely to the lyrics there are underlying meanings that refer to this. The rest is up to your own imagination.

There’s obviously a lot of darker themes and tones that feel really prominent on this release both in sound and lyrics. Where does that all come from?

Most of the lyrics are related to the subject of getting in touch with our inner darkness and how we deal with that. We’ve been through a lot so that naturally reflects our lyrics.

Do you expect that to continue on as you write and release more work down the line?

We’ve already started to record new material and we’re writing new stuff almost every day. The songs continue to be on the darker side…

Where was the video for “Ode To K” filmed and how hot do you get in those outfits?

We found an enormous old attic with all these strange things in it that suited our vision for the video perfectly. Who said they’re outfits?

How do you feel you guys fit into the local music scene in your area?

We don’t fit in at all, actually. After releasing and promoting the album in Sweden absolutely nothing happened. We felt pretty low at that point, but then things started to pick up in the States so now we totally feel that we’re on the right path again.

And how has feedback been overall in regards to your crossover to the States here?

It’s been overwhelming to say the least. The reviews have been insane and you guys seem to love us over here! It feels great and we’re working hard to get new material out.

With the EP having been released awhile ago, you mentioned that you’ve already been working on new stuff?

Several new tracks have been recorded and are awaiting mixing and mastering, so they’ll hopefully be finished soon. We’re discussing if we are to release an EP again or a full-length album. It’s a question of length versus time since we have so much material we want to record, but at the same time we really want to get our new stuff out there!

And beyond that, what are The Lost Poets’ plans for the remainder of the year?

We’re planning the release of our next album and we want to promote the Insubordia record and the next one with a US and Canada tour. We’re also on the hunt for a record label that would suit us so we can relocate to the States as soon as possible. We believe that this is the right place to expand our universe…


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