Gerard Way Shares New Song, “No Shows”

Gerard Way

Even though My Chemical Romance is no longer a band, that hasn’t stopped former frontman Gerard Way from continuing his work in the music industry. He will be releasing his debut solo album next month, and now we have another taste of what to expect from it. The musician teamed up with BBC Radio 1 to premiere “No Shows,” and it can also be found on Alter The Press!.

As you would expect, Way’s style is going to be much different from what it was with MCR. So far the songs are more on the rock side, and this new single in particular is reminiscent of how The Killers used to sound. The music is catchy either way, and we look forward to hearing the rest of the album.

Hesitant Alien will be released September 30. Pre-orders are not currently available for purchase, but we are anticipating some options will become available before the album hits stores.

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