BEHIND THE SCENES: Melody Joy’s “Beauty Is Pain” Video Shoot


Melody Joy is one of the most ridiculously unique performers I’ve stumbled upon in a while. Admittedly, at first view of her music video for “Ronald Reagan,” I was confused and drawn in by the spectacle of it all. It combines elements of humor, strangeness, various foods and sexuality. It’s the first rap song that I’ve seen incorporate a Mikhail Gorbachev reference and a popcorn-filled bathtub. It seemed strange that it only had a few hundred views on it, but it turns out YouTube took it down after 15,000 views because of its sexual nature, but Joy later worked out that issue.

I decided I needed to hunt down this mysterious Melody Joy to sit down and pick her brain. Conveniently enough, she was just in New York to film a music video for her new track “Beauty Is Pain” which features Tuki Carter of Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang.

UTG TV caught up with her and some of the crew from Complex in Brooklyn to hang out and get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the bloody horror-inspired music video. Check below to see some exclusive footage and get an inside look into what’s going on in the mind of Melody Joy.

Melody Joy-9 resize

Produced by: Derek Scancarelli

Derek Scancarelli

Derek Scancarelli is a feature writer, interviewer, videographer, photographer, radio-er and more. In 2015, he received his MA in Journalism in New York City. In addition to Under The Gun Review, Derek has worked with Noisey (VICE), Alternative Press, New Noise Magazine and many more. He also pushes some buttons at SiriusXM.

Comedian Jim Norton once called him a serial killer on national radio. Enjoy the internet with him on Twitter.
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  • Irvin Kelly

    Love me some Melody Joy

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  • goodness sakes, I thought I was an outcast for likeing emminemn. Now that I know you’re a fan… if you’re brave, sane, and rap as sharp as you do, I’m a fan too