UTG PREMIERE: New Found Glory – “Stubborn”


New Found Glory are gearing up to release their latest studio album this October, and today we are thrilled to partner with our SpinMedia brothers and sisters to premiere a brand new song titled “Stubborn.”

You never know exactly what New Found Glory will deliver on any given record, but you’re always guaranteed to have a good time. Resurrection, due out October 7, is shaping up to be NFG’s most exciting release in recent memory. Every track released so far has been the perfect combination of in-your-face punk and infectious pop sensibilities, and “Stubborn” is no different. It’s energetic, yet melodic, and has all the makings of a modern NFG classic. It also features Bayside’s Anthony Raneri on a vocally seamless bridge. You can stream the song below:

“In life, some of the hardest things to do are to admit when you are wrong, accept responsibility for your own actions, and to grow up and mature,” bassist Ian Grushka explains. “This is what this song is about. It’s my favorite song on the new album, and the one that means the most to me personally.”

Resurrection is slated for an October 7 release via Hopeless Records and can be pre-ordered through the label’s official website.

James Shotwell

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  • Derek – UTG Review

    Awesome. But nothing beats Raneri’s guest vocals on IATA’s “The Gravediggers Argument.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oprhw5BL4gY

  • Shood8140


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  • Chris Edmiston

    I would beg to differ, his guest vocals on Texas Mickey by Silverstein are better IMO.