What You Didn’t Know: Garmiani


Focusing on lesser known aspects of artists, resident staff writer Michael Giegerich’s column, What You Didn’t Know, looks to help people gain a better understanding of their favorite musicians from all levels of the music scene.

Since signing to Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Records in 2013, house producer Garmiani has taken the festival scene by storm with a slew of bass-thumping anthems.

As of this week, the artist is set to release “ZAZA,” yet another guaranteed set-list staple which brings a fresh sound to the big room discussion. Thus, it appeared there was no better time than now to catch up with Garmiani and have him lay out a few facts about himself so that dance music fans can know a bit about the man behind the decks.

1. “I lost a front tooth in my younger and wilder days, so I have a 19mm titanium screw in my jaw with a porcelain tooth on.”

2. “I was a rapper when I was younger. I still rap (and sing) in the shower.”

3. “I did a track with Salvatore Ganacci called “The City Is Mine” two years ago and the singer on the track is…me.”

4. “I used to love DJing barefoot, so I would always take my shoes off when I started playing. People thought I was weird and looked at me funny, but I say FUCK THE NORM AND BE YOURSELF.”

5. “I’m extremely sexy.”

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