SINGLE REVIEW: Fall Out Boy – “Immortals”


Artist: Fall Out Boy
Song: “Immortals
Album: Big Hero 6 OST

Less than a month after surprising fans with the release of their infectious single “Centuries,” the men of Fall Out Boy have returned with the debut of yet another new song.

Titled “Immortals,” the latest track from Chicago’s pop rock kings is not a promotional single doubling as FOB’s attempts to sell a Save Rock And Roll follow-up, but rather an original contribution to the upcoming Disney film Big Hero 6. We highlighted the track multiple times through social media yesterday, but just in case you somehow missed/forgot it we have embedded the track below for your listening pleasure:

We have been having a lot of fun with single reviews as of late, so while blasting “Immortals” through our offices yesterday we decided that it might be fun to let everyone express their opinion on this track as well. Instead of having one person on staff write 500-1000 words about FOB’s latest we decided we could all share an opinion and hopefully spark a bit of conversation with readers along the way:


“I have long championed Fall Out Boy’s ability to infuse pop sensibilities into their ever-evolving sound, but “Immortals” may be where I draw the line. Everything feels just a bit too phoned in for my comfort. The chorus is overly simplistic, as are the verses, and not even the powerful vocals of Patrick Stump are put to good use. The entire thing just feels inauthentic in my mind, like the band wanted so badly to make a song that would work for the young audience of Big Hero 6 that they decided to scrap everything that makes FOB unique. Anyone could have written and performed this song. It would be lackluster regardless of who delivered it, but the fact FOB are attached makes it all the more disappointing.” – James Shotwell, Founder / Co-Owner / Editor

“Thus we have entered the second edition of what I now coin “Fall Out Boy’s half-assed effort to write pop music.” It’d be different if it were good pop music, but it’s not. It’s annoying, redundant, and downright bland. This is a band that went from saving rock and roll to seemingly spitting on its grave with less than impressive singles. Take a hard pass on “Immortals” and wait for the band to come back to Earth a bit.” – Matthew Leimkuehler, Editor / Feature Writer

“Fall Out Boy started off ready to prove the music industry wrong, and now they’re just proving the industry’s right. With fame comes a loss of control, and for Fall Out Boy that means sacrificing sound for sales. “Immortals” is their next track ready to run straight to the radio. There’s no trace of punk, there’s few traces of rock, and there’s little evidence that all four members had a hand in the songwriting. It’s so overridden by electronics and pop that when they try to be coy and filter Stump’s hanging word “future” through technologic blips, it doesn’t sound any different from the other sounds skittering around.

Wanting to ditch your old sound isn’t a crime. Fall Out Boy are more than welcome, and even encouraged–for challenge’s sake–to try out a new sound. The problem is they’ve missed both marks. It isn’t twisting the electro-pop genre in any new ways nor is it marching in line to the same hits we revisit years down the line. “Immortals” is just as dry and upsetting as the very image of Fall Out Boy walking up to that jukebox, choosing a song, and never appearing again.” – Nina Corcoran, News & Feature Writer

“This band still isn’t tired of the making boring pop songs thing yet? Yawn.” – Tyler Osborne, News & Feature Writer


“Fall Out Boy could have easily put out a better version of “Immortals.” I imagine the pre-production process as a meeting in a huge boardroom where not a single person would shut up about what they wanted added onto the song. Patrick, being the lovely son of a gun he is, goes, “Aw man, let’s just do all of it” as to prevent hurting anyone’s feelings. Half-facetiousness aside, I feel as though a lot of this song could have been left out (flute + buoyant tom riff intro that reminded me of a Pussycat Dolls song, that heavily synthesized “future” harmony layer at 2:18, etc.) and the outcome would have been a tad better. I see the sense in the succession from “Centuries,” though. I definitely get the vibe they are trying to go for thus far. I just hope the overall outcome (songs they’ll put out post-SR&R) isn’t as mediocre as this Big Hero 6 track.” – Dana Reandelar, News & Features Writer

“I keep trying to listen to it intensely enough to formulate an opinion and by halfway through I find myself distracted by the figures on this spreadsheet, so either I am super engaged in this data or it truly is that formulaic and uneventful of a song. I tried listening to it again, paying it my full attention and I ended up singing “Centuries” instead, which means that in their efforts to evolve into modern pop superstars, Fall Out Boy have finally achieved one of that genres hallmarks, being forgettable. Next please.” – Brenton Harris, News & Feature Writer

“Fall Out Boy? More like “Falling Out” Boy. On my first listen of “Immortals” I thought to myself, “Did all the band members leave except Patrick Stump and maybe drummer Andy Hurley?” If so, that means that the band has truly lost their way while trying to ‘Save Rock And Roll.’ In fact, based on the hip-hop sampling and overall bland songwriting I might wager that they have abandoned that mission altogether.” – Ryan Kappy, News & Feature Writer

“Fall Out Boy are back at it again, with another new song that sounds like Patrick Stump’s continued efforts to be a solo artist; bolstered by a band that either needs work, or feels indebted enough to the singer to be his backing band. In either case, writing as Fall Out Boy will support the group’s music habit so long as they continue to break out “Dance, Dance” on every tour stop.

“Immortals” feels radio-friendly in all the wrong ways. It’s just catchy enough to get played, but not unique or interesting enough to make waves. Frankly, it feels like it came out of the same metaphorical music food-processor as their last single, “Centuries.” Sorry, guys, but I’m going to put you on hold until you give up the drum machines.” – Scott Murray, News & Feature Writer


Do you agree with us? Comment below and leave us your thoughts on Fall Out Boy’s latest!

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  • SteveDoninger

    I can’t believe I’m actually agreeing with you guys for once! They set the bar HIGH when they recorded “Centuries.” I don’t know about the public opinion on it, but it’s one of, if not, my favorite FOB song.. ever. I cannot express how much I love Centuries. It is crazy catchy.

    “Immortals” not only had to live up to that bar they set with “Centuries” and there was no way they were going to top it. “Immortals” fails miserably. It’s straight up a boring filler track. Nothing more I can really say about it.

    “Sounds like Patrick Stump’s continued efforts to be a solo artist; bolstered by a band that either needs work, or feels indebted enough to the singer to be his backing band.”

    I HATE to even say or think this, but, I have to agree wholeheartedly. Patrick was extremely depressed that his solo work was getting him no attention or airplay. I personally loved his solo stuff. Probably because he is in my top 5 favorite vocalists, but that’s not the point here.

    I really feel like the band is hanging in there just for him. I can’t see them being hard up for cash at all. Honestly, I just think they are helping Patrick cope with the fact that without the name “Fall Out Boy” behind him or being associated with Pete Wentz he won’t be getting the recognition he deserves. I hate thinking like that, but I keep seeing more and more people agree with that sentiment.

    Best case scenario they are just caving in on what the label wants and producing what they tell them to produce.

    Just a terrible situation no matter how you look at it.

  • Shelbinator94

    Yeah, I won’t lie, I bought the song out of obligation. Fall Out Boy is my band, man, and I’m waiting for the next song, but this one is pretty awful. In perspective though, it WAS for a Disney, you can’t do a whole lot with that. I’m all about Fall Out Boy growing, I don’t want to go back to Take This to Your Grave if they don’t, but this is a pretty crappy stepping stone to their new sound. Well, either way, I’m still a hardcore fan!