UTG @ CMJ 2014: Bad Luck Talk Musical Roots And Leaving For Tour

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Daytona Beach and Long Island natives, Bad Luck, played their first ever CMJ showcase last week in Brooklyn, NY. The band has been getting some steam lately from those who have seen them live and those who are getting word through the interweb.

Having just kicked off their fall tour, we thought it would be rad for you guys to get the inside scoop on these folks. If you find yourself leaning towards lyrically angsty rock and roll, their music is definitely for you.

What are your names and your roles in the band, and where are you guys from?

Dominick Fox, vocals and guitar.
Jacob Kneer, drums.
Evan Blaine, guitar and vocals.
Joseph Fox, bass.
EB: Dom and Joe are from Long Island, NY. Myself and Jake are from Daytona Beach, FL.

Getting right into it- in terms of your overall sound, I’ve spun Cold Bones a few of times and I dig it a lot. There’s a sort of buoyant and spirited vibe on this record, especially the first half of it. Was that intentional or did it just sort of turn out that way?

EB: The only intentions we had was to make a kick-ass record and for Dom and myself to be able to get some shit off our chest.

On Facebook, your genre is described as just “rock.” With the overlap of fans and some sonic elements, would you go as far as to consider yourselves “pop-punk”?

EB: We don’t consider our music as anything, really. We’re just a rock band. I feel like calling your band “emo” or “pop-punk” puts you in a box. So to answer the question, no, we wouldn’t consider our band pop-punk.

Who are some of your influences in terms of your lyrics and your sound?

EB: We all have different influences, but I think the few that we all agree on are The Strokes, Weezer, blink-182, Nirvana, and The Killers. Dom’s really influenced by hip-hop so I think a lot of his flow comes from that. Lyrically, I think just life; the different types of people there are, and the ability to love and hate shit. A lot of his lyrics are reflective on things that have happened to him, us, and/or people in our lives.

Cold Bones has been out for almost half a year now. What was the reception like for this record?

EB: It’s been really good so far. People seem to enjoy it and that’s really cool.

I was trying to dig up some of your stuff pre-Cold Bones and couldn’t really find anything. This was your actual first digital release, is that correct?

EB: Well we released a few different things when we started the band and prior to this being a full band Dom had an acoustic record under the name Bad Luck. We figured it would just be best to leave that stuff in the past and move foreword.

If not, where can fans find those prior releases?

EB: To my knowledge, nowhere. But the internet is a scary place, so who knows?

Seeing as you guys are just starting to kick off touring for this fall, what are you looking forward to most? Which cities are you stoked to play?

EB: Just playing every night and trying to have the best times we can. Long Island is really cool for us since Joe and Dom are from there. I’m also excited to play Buffalo, NY.

Is there anything you guys usually miss from your hometown when you’re away on tour?

EB: Well I know we all miss our dogs and everyone in the band except for me have girlfriends that they’ve been with for a while so they definitely miss them. Specifically, I miss my dog and my bed. Jake misses Famous Philly’s in Port Orange.

If you could pick two or three bands you could open for, who would they be?

EB: Foo Fighters, Green Day, and Blink 182.

Capping this off, what’s up for Bad Luck in 2015? Any major plans already set? Tours? New material?

EB: We started working on a new record about 6 months ago. We’re also working on releasing a 7-inch some time in the spring. And we literally just signed on with the APA Agency three days ago, so we’re definitely touring a lot.

Additionally, Bad Luck is scheduled to head out for a holiday tour in December. You can find details below.bad luck tour

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