WATCH: First Full Trailer For Awards-Bound ‘A Most Violent Year’


A24 Films have been absolutely killing it this year with releases spanning from good to amazing like The Rover, Obvious Child, Laggies, Locke, and Under the Skin. Now it seems as if they have their first serious awards contender in director J.C. Chandor’s new 1980s period drama, A Most Violent Year. After releasing a short teaser trailer a couple of months ago, A24 has released the full trailer (which you can watch below) that may or may not have you applauding by the end.

A Most Violent Year stars Inside Llewyn Davis’ Oscar Isaac and Zero Dark Thirty’s Jessica Chastain as Abel & Anna Morales, a couple struggling to rise during the most violent year in New York City’s history, 1981. Abel is the ambitious immigrant who is constantly brought down by the corruption in the big city, always dragging down his company. Forced to act, Anna stands behind her husband without knowing exactly what he does to keep the family afloat. Somehow, the cops get entangled into the story but we shall see why when A Most Violent Year releases on December 31.

If you haven’t seen Chandor’s recent directorial effort, Margin Call, seek it out. It’s a very good, politically-charged drama with great performances by Kevin Spacey and Jeremy Irons.

Here’s a UK teaser trailer as well:

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